“Seeing the Voice”

I thought that Mr. Rust’s lecture was great: it gave a lot of insight into storytelling in ASL, as well as a bit of deaf culture.  I thought the sl-specific types of storytelling were really cool (ABC stories, letter name stories), etc.; they’re something that doesn’t really translate into spoken language, making them unique.  I also liked the cinematographic story-telling: this is something that I’ve seen both hearing and hearing-impaired people do before, and I never really connected it to cinema.  It is a tool that makes story-telling much more vivid, as we can see rather than imagine actions and reactions, expressions, etc.

I loved the ASL translation of Lewis Carroll’s “The Jabberwocky”– I think this telling gave it more life than any hearing person could. I also think that it’s interesting that along with all of these things we discussed, there are ASL ‘folktales’ that are all their own and are not related at all to hearing folktales from anywhere, like the ‘ABC gum’ story.  All of this really reinforced the fact that deaf culture is something that’s truly separate from other culture.


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