Yay fairy tales!

Alright.  I chose this Honors SIS for several reasons.  Honestly, it covers a number of McDaniel Plan requirements, as well as fulfills an Honors elective. It also happens to fit into my schedule.  Most importantly though, is the fact that it sounded really interesting!  I have always loved fairy tales of any kind, from Disney to Grimm, so this class seemed like an obvious choice for me. Though I have read many fairy tales and folk tales in my day, I never really delved into them for anything deeper than the story and the moral that lies on surface.  I am looking forward to looking at their cultural and historical value, as well as assessing them from several different points of view; I am sure that this will expand my views and understandings of fairy tales and the context behind them.

My favorite fairy tale, as you can probably guess from the title of my blog, is Rapunzel.  As a little girl, I was enchanted with Paul O. Zelinsky’s picture book “Rapunzel”: I had my parents read it to me time and time again, and there was a period where I would pull it out every day to look at the pictures and create my own stories to go with them.  As a Disney kid, I did love all of the princess movies, and I know that if “Tangled” had premiered a decade earlier, I would have been obsessed (and I still love the movie, despite my age!).  I am excited to read and analyse some different versions of the story.